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Domestic R.O. Purifier

    We are dealing & Services, Consultant of Domestic R.O. Purifier, Certikin Harvia Infrared Sauna, Hydropneumatic Systems, Structural Vessels, Reverse Osmosis, Swimming Pool, Steam Generaters, Steam Generator our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Pure water -A Rarity

Water is life, something without that life ceases to exist. Pure and clean water nurture our body and soul . bottled mineral water is expensive, inconvenient and may be spurious. The other available UV based water purifiers only partly clean the water as they cannot remove the hardness of water. Thus quenching one's thirst in real sense always remains dream.

What is wrong with my drinking water ?

Water we drink may contain various Physical, Micro-Biological, Toxic Chemical & Dissolved impurities extremely harmful to our body. See adjacent column for a description of some harmful impurities that may be present in your drinking water system.

Why UV filter can't guard you?

A UV water purification system only de-activate bacteria and viruses, but dose not remove harmful chemicals and dissolved solids present in your drinking water. Only the Reverse Osmosis Purification technology can ensure complete purification of your drinking water.


RO unique 5-Stage Water Purification System